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Human history is a history of expeditions – geographic and political, scientific and cultural, spiritual and philosophical. The term refers to journeys undertaken into fully or partially unknown territory for a very specific purpose. Learning Expeditions are the 21st century version of these voyages known to expand the horizons of their time. Learning Expeditions take current and future leaders into unfamiliar environments and uncover insights that will once again change the game.

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Expedition experience

versatile format

Participants live through a Learning Expedition as a holistic experience blending multiple components such as contents, environments and interactions as well as facilitation, documentation and logistics into a coherent framework.

From the moment they touch the ground to the hour of their departure they witness a smooth program designed with care and purpose.

Our teams’ efforts are always directed so that participants may fully engage in the exploration and focus their energy solely on their group’s discovery and progress.

The expedition format offers high flexibility and is applied in a variety of situations – for individual and collective learning as well as for strategic innovation and alignment.

Programs are tailor-made to cover business themes from the abstract to the specific, inviting participants to delve into trends and cultures, highlighting practices and producing original outcome.

Depending on complexity and desired output the duration will vary from two to eight days. One or two carefully chosen destinations – typically in environments unfamiliar to participants – serve as the venue for exploration.

Every program is customized to match the strategic needs and learning targets of the group. Thanks to a global network of partners, WDHB is able to offer seamless experiences including all activities and logistics providing participants with the right environment for personal and collective discovery and development.

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An expedition is a people and strategy
development program based on immersive
experiences and emergent learning for
executives and organizations
to challenge business beliefs and explore new opportunities for sustainable success.

sample program

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Learning Expeditions offer the perfect framework to inspire and align your organization’s current and future leaders.

Executive boards use them as a platforms to decide on the strategic direction and redefine the culture of their business

Networks of senior executives develop awareness for cutting-edge trends and re-think behaviors to take their organization forward

Top-level decision-making bodies leverage expeditions as accelerators to establish new paradigms and re-invent business models

Opinion-leaders dive deep into cultures and environments to expand contextual consciousness and refine existing strategies

High potential groups source energy and inspiration to lead them to the next level in their career

Both established bodies and ad-hoc composed populations will benefit from long-lasting networking and alignment effects through shared experiences.