Strategic Learning

When executives who wouldn’t otherwise come together meet on a WDHB Learning Expedition, something truly exceptional happens. Lifelong knowledge is acquired and relationships are formed, spanning both geographic and industry boundaries.


Expedition participants visiting Facebook HQ in Menlo Park (CA).

intimate conversations

Mutual learning benefit

WDHB programs regularly feature face-to-face conversations with executives of global companies. WDHB identifies the definitive company with whom the client should engage, as well as the ideal conversation partner within the organization, based on the topics our clients hope to explore and the locales in which they want to explore them.

360° Approach

Interfacing with distinct companies assists in extracting parallels between challenges faced in the clients' industry and those of the host company. Visited companies benefit from the hosting of exchanges as they, too, are able to enhance their business intelligence.

To provide a 360° learning experience, WDHB programs include intimate dialogues with experts. Whether it is in the form of an organizational visit, a panel discussion or individual presentation, engaging with experts provides compelling insight into the latest developments in their field.

recent Exchange partners

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WDHB has engaged with leading institutions and organizations such as Stanford University, Tesla Motors, Google, IIM Bangalore, University of California Berkeley, Institute for the Future, IKEA, Amazon, Aalto University and eBay.