Strategic Learning

When people are deeply informed and profoundly inspired, they accomplish great things. At WDHB, we set out each day to ensure that our clients engage in a variety of extraordinary activities and exchange with exceptional people, all while exploring exciting, new locations. It is this well-rounded, multifaceted approach to learning coupled with a genuine interest in our client’s success, that sets WDHB apart.

Human-centered Learning

Through its human-centered learning formats, WDHB offers an complementary combination of relevant interaction models, woven together for maximum impact, inspiration and absorption.

Interactions may include: company visits, immersion activities, intergenerational mentoring, round table discussions, design workshops, best practice exchanges, ethnographic observation and trend watching.

WDHB weaves together complementary combinations of these interactions that present the respective content and people in an ideal format.

Bringing it all together

WDHB delivers programs that are rich with new information, derived from a multitude of sources. WDHB understands that it requires time to compile meaningful outcomes. Daily debrief sessions and the final synthesis are artfully facilitated and provide a space for brainstorming, self-reflection and debate.

Additional sessions can include: a Strategy Session, where action plans are created; Reflection Time, where newly acquired knowledge is assimilated; or an Ideation Session, where industry-relevant applications for the fresh concepts are shared.


Ethnographic Observation: Dinner at the homes of local Chinese families to observe their consumption and lifestyle habits

Intergenerational Mentoring: Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. Lunch with students, to discuss their accomplishments, hopes and expectations

Presentation: Mozilla in Silicon Valley for an intensive exchange on open innovation

Exploration: ISKCON temple in Vrindivan, India to learn about its vertical kitchen, Akshaya Patra, that provides meals to hungry school children

Company Visit: Al Jazeera Satellite Network in Doha, Qatar, to explore sparking social change through leveraging technological platforms

Design Workshop: Kenwood Design in Tokyo, for a hands-on exploration of innovation processes that ensure the quality of products & services

Company Visit: Climate Consortium in Denmark, to enhance understanding of platforms that are facilitating global progress in clean technology

"Exciting, intimate and intensive: WDHB's expeditions always challenge your own point of view. This will allow you to reinvent your own business."

Corinna Ortner, General Manager, Danone Waters Switzerland

This slideshow shows images from recent Learning Expeditions and quotes from participants. See for yourself the unmatched intensity of real experiential learning.