Strategic Learning

WDHB’s clients are diverse. They extend from established multinational corporations with a workforce in the thousands, to fast moving leaders in niche markets. We appreciate working with multi-faceted groups of brands and companies, as much as with family-owned businesses. What our clients have in common is their hunger for inspiration and their eagerness to excel.


Open dialogues


As strategy and learning grow closer together and responsibilities for these elements are shared across organizations, the project partners for Learning Expeditions become more and more varied. Historically, WDHB has worked most frequently with chief executives and other board members; managers of corporate academies and human resource professionals. We are delighted to welcome an increasing number of business unit leaders and project directors who recognize the value of inspiration, learning and shared reflection as a key ingredient to their strategic projects and initiatives.

Mutual respect

Clients come from a variety of different sectors – retail, manufacturing, media, construction, high tech, consulting, financial services, consumer goods, energy and environmental services to name a few. We do not specialize by industry, as our approach is applicable across all areas of contextual learning and innovation. These clients bring a huge variety of questions: specific and broad, inward focused and outward looking, centered on individuals and teams, as well as entire organizations.

Find out what our clients say about the collaboration with WDHB by looking at our testimonial videos.

The collaborations within our programs combine the initial process of investigation and strategic framing, defining parameters and expected outcomes, the co-design of program components, the shared responsibility for the careful preparation, along with the wellbeing and productivity of participants.

Key to this collaboration is mutual respect – respect for the client’s need and intimate knowledge of his business, markets and employees - is coupled with respect for our specialists' know-how and experience in crafting and delivering impactful learning experiences. If you are interested in who you could be working with, please have a look at our team members.

«It was the next step of adult learning. That's not only the class room experience or team exchange. It's going out to meet somebody, totally different from your own world, and you have to experience in the field.  This is very different. It took us all out of our comfort zone.  And this was really great.»

Jasmin Franz, Senior Leadership Development Manager, Siemens AG

Recent clients



During the past 27 years, WDHB has crafted more than 500 expeditions for over 10,000 decision-makers from a wide range of industries. WDHB has worked with some of the largest and best-known global companies – including 28 of the Top 40 French companies.