Strategic Learning


WDHB designs and delivers programs for people and strategy development. Since 1989, we have perfected our approach to learning. Our innovative products produce high-impact solutions for our clients, strategically crafted to meet specific learning needs. more >>

Client portfolio

Our clients include some of the world’s best-known organizations like Airbus, Siemens, Google or Peugeot-Citroën. Find out how WDHB has supported them. more >>

Bangkok open expedition

From 11 to 14 July 2016, we are inviting interested executives to join an open 4-day program in Bangkok about the topic of 'Navigating a Globalized Economy'.  more >>

Live Webinars in May

Would you like to hear about the highlights of our recent expeditions? Join our webinars in May. more >>

Learning Expeditions

Learning Expeditions are highly customized learning experiences for executive teams. more >>

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